The Educational Leadership Initiatives began with GlobalTIE: Global Trends and Innovations in Education in 2006, then with Ed Leadership Roundtables from 2008 to 2011 (www.edleader.in).

These efforts have inspired a global movement: Education We Want. Many good thinkers worldwide agree that education needs major reform, not just tinkering small changes at its margins. While the world has changed vastly in the last 100 years, education has remained largely confined to its 19th century material ethics and limited agendas. What will education be like in the future? What do experiments and evidence show from other countries as to what has worked well in education?

The new Education We Want initiative is a platform for enabling change within education and through it. It also serves as an umbrella for organizations and individuals engaged in making a difference by implementing and sharing innovations of their own. The Ed Leadership Fellowships are being offered again, with the view to initiate more schools nationwide to adopt new and innovative practices that bring out the best in every child. Already over 150 schools have received the Education Innovation Fellowships and are engaged in implementing new and innovative ideas for change.

We have invited world’s top performing countries in TIMSS and PISA international comparisons to share their research and findings based on practical work in their own countries.

Education is the most complex issue of our times and it requires great deliberation. It is a multi-year effort involving all concerned about the future of education and thereby our collective future. We invite you to join hands in any capacity and become a part of this great mission.

Indeed, the best way to shape the future is to nurture it!

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